Meet RDH Garcia

Everyone needs someone to take care of them, and I love to be that person. I have been practicing dental hygiene since graduating from El Paso Community College. As a partner with Hawkins Family Dental, I strive to treat patients ethically and provide the best oral healthcare in El Paso. Every day, I look forward to meeting new people and hopefully making a difference in their lives.

I am the kind of person that will mold to you; I will melt with you when you need a shoulder, I will fly with you when your world is happy and excited, and I’ll bring a box of crayons if all you feel like doing is being silly and imaginative!

I’m a born and raised native of El Paso, Texas, where I currently live with my beautiful wife, two crazy cute little girls, and three cats. My favorite thing to do is watch movies and relax at home with my girls.

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